ANGERSEED! From Hungary Raised The Flag of Death Metal

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ANGERSEED! From Hungary Raised The Flag of Death Metal

23/07/2019 | Berak Sekebon | News

At the end of 2007 ANGERSEED took shape from wrath and hatred towards the worthless world on the initiative of Peter D. Maniak (vocals). The band, gaining power from the repugnance felt towards mankind balancing at the edge of impending doom, raised the flag of death metal. This honest and straightforward style is the right expression for the band’s dissatisfaction and contempt for human beings. This death brigade was a totally different kind of entity at that time, containing diverse elements both dangerous to oneself and to the public, but in 2008 the band started to appear from the mist and revealed its power on the battlefield and gained great victory against the worthless forms of pseudo-arts.

The Seed of Anger has been burning since on the highest degree of heat; the battles and campaigns come one after one, leaving behind the oppressed souls of all those weak and stupid ones dared to oppose. The last 5 years the war machine has proven to be strong on countless campaigns and had the opportunity to fight with many world famous stormtroopers on the battlefield against the non-believers, e.g.: Behemoth, Asphyx, Morgoth, Tankard, Krisiun, Mayhem, Decapitated, Hate, Cryptopsy, Borknagar, Anaal Nathrakh, SepticFlesh, Cattle Decapitation, Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Amorphis, Unleashed, Destruction, among others. The first significant heavy bombardment of Angerseed was the act of war called ‘The First Seeds (Before the Reign of Anger)’ in 2010, which included five parts and brought many souls into eternal damnation. Some soldiers of the original army have fallen in the meantime or went to the enemy lines. They have been replaced with fresh forces filled with faith and the necessary anger to fight the revolutions yet to come. Who is fool enough to face an army corps like this, shall meet: Peter D. Maniak (vocals), Viktor Nagy (guitar), Márk Mészáros (bass), József Gáva (drums). Meanwhile more bursts of fury were born, which have been able to vomit the countless bullets of relentless disgust to the ignorant, emptied humanity in a much more harder and aggressive form. During the neverending battles, unleashing the EP ‘Dawn Of A New Kingdom’ upon the world, which can be considered as the most horrifying declaration of war, was the most important offensive in the recent period of time devoid of peace. Nowadays the wide-spread expansion and occupying all territories is the goal with the help of many new deadly war-songs. The most devastating secret weapon of Angerseed so far started to infect the world in January 2016 when the first full-length album entitled ‘The Proclamation’ has been released. This is simply the most dreadful and dangerous creation of the Angerseed. This merciless monster got already plenty of enthusiastic recognitions by the Metal mediums far and near.

One can find all actualities, pieces of information on the army, the campaigns, tours concerning Angerseed on the band’s ever refreshing war-report-sites, as well as can be heard the victory hymns declarating war. Furthermore the official and live videos documenting the band’s important actions are here on the sites and the CDs can be ordered. Uniforms are available too, the ornaments fit to the latest war-proclamation of course.


The First Seeds (Before the Reign of Anger) – EP (CD, 2010)
Dawn of a New Kingdom – EP (CD, 2012)
The Proclamation – Full-Length (CD, 2016)