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Tangerang Death Metal…ATROCIOUS!

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Sadis dan mengerikan…!!! Dimana nama “ATROCIOUS” diambil dari salah satu judul lagu Dying Fetus Band asal USA dan kami juga terinfluen oleh salah satu band yang berbahaya ini, Kemudian kami berencana untuk membentuk band yang diberi nama ATROCIOUS Diawal Tahun 2012, tepatnya bulan Februari ATROCIOUS memulai debut perjalanan band dengan Genre Death Metal…

Dengan Formasi awal tahun 2012 :
-Anton (Guitarist)
-Oki ex Predator (Vocalist)
-Yanto ex Vile (Drummer)
-Yudi ex Crushgear (Bassist)
Dan mulai meramaikan Gigs Underground Tanah Air…
Seiring perjalanan waktu, para personil hengkang karena sibuk dengan rutinitas pekerjaan Yudi (Bassist), Yanto (Drummer) dan Oki (Vocalist), Namun Anton (Gitarist) tetap eksis dan mulai merekrut para personil baru untuk ATROCIOUS…

Pertengahan 2013 Dirga ex Fadihat (Drummer) bergabung kemudian, Oka ex Hukum Karma (Vocalist), dan yang terakhir Abbi ex Gore Animal (Bassist) bergabung di ATROCIOUS…

Line up Terbaru 2013 :
-Anton (Guitarist)
-Oka (Vocalist)
-Abbi (Bassist)
-Dirga (Drummer)

Kemudian ATROCIOUS mulai gencar membuat lagu yang bertemakan Kekejaman, Dendam dan Kesadisan…
Selama perjalanan waktu ATROCIOUS ikut serta mencadaskan Event-Event Gigs di Tanah Air…

Pada awal Mei 2015 kami mulai memasuki Dapur Rekaman dengan dukungan dari rekan-rekan Metalhead, Akhirnya September 2015 Proses rekaman selesai dan menghasilkan 10 Track Cadas Bergenre Death Metal, Dan pada tanggal 24 Desember 2015 Debut Album perdana ATROCIOUS yang bertitelkan “Revenge of Killer” resmi dirilis oleh Grind Life Recod serta didistribusikan oleh Force Fed Merch USA secara merata sampai ke Mancanegara…

Setelah rangkaian Tour Promo Album di beberapa Kota selesai Dirga (Drummer) tidak lagi bersama kami, Dirga resmi hengkang dari ATROCIOUS dan di gantikan oleh Iboy ex Gelgamesh, Agustrus 2016 Iboy (Drummer) resmi bergabung dengan ATROCIOUS dan kembali Beraksi…

Line Up Terbaru 2016 :
-Anton (Guitarist)
-Oka (Vocalist)
-Abbi (Bassist)
-Iboy (Drum)
Dengan formasi terbaru yg lebih Fresh ini ATROCIOUS mulai membuat materi-materi lagu terbaru dan mempersiapkan diri untuk proses penggarapan Album ke-2 di tahun 2017 yg di rilis oleh DG_Records dan akan kembali di Distributorkan luas sampai ke Mancanegara…

In Death We Trust…!!!
In Brutality We Blast…!!!


KHUDETA…Waruga Singaperbangsa!

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KHUDETA dibentuk pada tahun 1997 di Cimahi Bandung oleh Yayan (Brozo), KHUDETA sendiri mengusung genre brutal death metal yang terinfluence oleh band band luar seperti DISGORGE (USA), MALEVOLENT CREATIONS, CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS, DISAVOWED, dll

nama KHUDETA sendiri diambil dri kata KUDETA yg berarti ambil alih kekuasaan negara oleh militer, namun di sisip kan huruf “H” agar supaya tidak ada yang menyamai dgn nama band lain nya, mengingat band-band di Indonesia yang cukup banyak.

Formasi awal KHUDETA 1997
– yayan (brozo) growl
– ivan guitar distortion 1
– haikalz (kozay) guitar 2
– seto (betot) bass
– agus (domo) drumm

namun bongkar pasang personil di suatu band itu sudah hal yg biasa, pada tahun 1999 seto (betot) di posisi bass hengkang karna kesibukanya, dan di gantikan oleh yayan (brozo) pda vocal merangkap bass.
KHUDETA dengan formasi ini telah merilis beberapa lagu

1.maggots in the brothel
2.bestial wars
3.short defragmented

dari 4 lagu itu ada beberapa lagu yg telah masuk kompilasi BRUTALY SICKNES rilisan ESP Bandung dan kompilasi DIMENSI KEMATIAN rilisan edelweis prod. Jakarta

pada tahun 2000 KHUDETA mengalami lagi bongkar pasang personil dengan hengkang nya Haikal (kozay) guitar 2 dan di gantikan oleh samudra (bob).
dalam perjalanan band khudeta telah menginvasi beberapa event baik di kota Bandung sendiri maupun di luar kota Bandung.

pada tahun 2010 KHUDETA mengalami vacum dan tertidur cukup lama di karenakan kesibukan masing-masing personil nya.
dan pada tahun 2017 dengan inisiatif samudra (bob) khudeta di bawa dan berpindah domisili ke CIKAMPEK karna samudra (bob) kerja dan tinggal di Cikampek pada tahun 2005.

KHUDETA dgn personil dan domisil baru di cikampek telah merilis 2 lagu
1. Head war blooded
2. Waruga singaperbangsa

personil KHUDETA (Bikampek)
– bob guitar
– avep bass
– mahmudin drumm
– gan gan riksa prakapradana growl


ANGERSEED! From Hungary Raised The Flag of Death Metal

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At the end of 2007 ANGERSEED took shape from wrath and hatred towards the worthless world on the initiative of Peter D. Maniak (vocals). The band, gaining power from the repugnance felt towards mankind balancing at the edge of impending doom, raised the flag of death metal. This honest and straightforward style is the right expression for the band’s dissatisfaction and contempt for human beings. This death brigade was a totally different kind of entity at that time, containing diverse elements both dangerous to oneself and to the public, but in 2008 the band started to appear from the mist and revealed its power on the battlefield and gained great victory against the worthless forms of pseudo-arts.

The Seed of Anger has been burning since on the highest degree of heat; the battles and campaigns come one after one, leaving behind the oppressed souls of all those weak and stupid ones dared to oppose. The last 5 years the war machine has proven to be strong on countless campaigns and had the opportunity to fight with many world famous stormtroopers on the battlefield against the non-believers, e.g.: Behemoth, Asphyx, Morgoth, Tankard, Krisiun, Mayhem, Decapitated, Hate, Cryptopsy, Borknagar, Anaal Nathrakh, SepticFlesh, Cattle Decapitation, Amon Amarth, Kataklysm, Arch Enemy, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Amorphis, Unleashed, Destruction, among others. The first significant heavy bombardment of Angerseed was the act of war called ‘The First Seeds (Before the Reign of Anger)’ in 2010, which included five parts and brought many souls into eternal damnation. Some soldiers of the original army have fallen in the meantime or went to the enemy lines. They have been replaced with fresh forces filled with faith and the necessary anger to fight the revolutions yet to come. Who is fool enough to face an army corps like this, shall meet: Peter D. Maniak (vocals), Viktor Nagy (guitar), Márk Mészáros (bass), József Gáva (drums). Meanwhile more bursts of fury were born, which have been able to vomit the countless bullets of relentless disgust to the ignorant, emptied humanity in a much more harder and aggressive form. During the neverending battles, unleashing the EP ‘Dawn Of A New Kingdom’ upon the world, which can be considered as the most horrifying declaration of war, was the most important offensive in the recent period of time devoid of peace. Nowadays the wide-spread expansion and occupying all territories is the goal with the help of many new deadly war-songs. The most devastating secret weapon of Angerseed so far started to infect the world in January 2016 when the first full-length album entitled ‘The Proclamation’ has been released. This is simply the most dreadful and dangerous creation of the Angerseed. This merciless monster got already plenty of enthusiastic recognitions by the Metal mediums far and near.

One can find all actualities, pieces of information on the army, the campaigns, tours concerning Angerseed on the band’s ever refreshing war-report-sites, as well as can be heard the victory hymns declarating war. Furthermore the official and live videos documenting the band’s important actions are here on the sites and the CDs can be ordered. Uniforms are available too, the ornaments fit to the latest war-proclamation of course.


The First Seeds (Before the Reign of Anger) – EP (CD, 2010)
Dawn of a New Kingdom – EP (CD, 2012)
The Proclamation – Full-Length (CD, 2016)


PROFANITY From Germany! Most Talented Death Metal Band at this present

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They included all the elements of death metal music, in terms of player techniques so that the sound they chose was perfect!

Their album, entitled “The Art of Sickness” is one of the death metal album masterpieces that deserve death metal music lovers.

(Personally) Profanity deserves to be aligned with the underground bands of today’s elite world such as Suffocation, Dying Fetus and others …

Below their biography,

Since 1993, the underground is shaking under the sounds of Profanity. The German tech death three-piece set a heavy mark with their albums “Shadows To Fall” (1997) and “Slaughtering Thoughts” (2000) as well as their tour in support of Cryptopsy in 2002 and their appearance at the Maryland Death Fest 2004 alongside Misery Index and Exhumed. After some years of silence, the band spew out a new sign of live with their EP “Hatred Hell Within” (2014). It was recorded with producer Christoph Brandes in his Iguana Studios (Spheron, Imperium Dekadenz, Necrophagist o.a.).

On April 21st, 2017, Profanity were returning with a new full-length: “The Art Of Sickness” released by Apostasy records. Its title reveals the route of the new material which is full of playfulness and technical brilliance while it strikes a balance between art and insane chaos. Recorded again at Iguana Studios with producer Christoph Brandes the new songs will bring all tech death gourmets to the scene. To make the album even more diverse, the band invited guests like Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation), Adrie Kloosterwaard (Sinister), Ricky Myers (Disgorge, Suffocation), Christian Münzner (Alkaloid, ex-Obscura) as well as their ex-bassist Martl Bauer. The artwork was done by Pär Olofsson who already created images for albums by Exodus, Unleashed, Malevolent Creation o.a.

PROFANITY is an underground band that enjoys sharing the spirit of the underground with other bands and friends around the world. Over the years, the band has played a lot of shows with great bands like Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation, Sinister, Vader, Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Necrophagist, Broken Hope, Defeated Sanity and many more and festivals like FTC, PartySan, MOD, Obscene Extreme, Maryland Deathfest, Netherlands Deathfest, Deathfeast open air etc.

PROFANITY contact:
[email protected]


PROFANITY homepage:

PROFANITY twitter:

PROFANITY Instagram:


SYSTEM TRASHED! Thrasher From Australia

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SYSTEM TRASHED are the bad guys of Logan City [Australia] Thrash Metal and have been described as OLD SCHOOL, LEATHER CLAD, FIST PUMPING, THRASH METAL WARRIORS !!! Taking time out from roaming the sprawling residential wastelands of Logan Central and surrounding districts, they stole some electric guitars, learned them up good, then took to the stage to perform their unique and destructive form of Thrash Metal Rock & Roll to live audiences throughout their neighbourhood, developing their sound through regular live performance and the influence of bands such as Slayer, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead etc… delivering a live show devoid of the typical Rock star posturing and taking each performance to a bombastic new level.

Forming in 2011, System Trashed’s first album WARRIOR was independently released in 2014 to enthusiastic reviews that drew comparisons to bands of the NWOBHM genre. Their second album EDGE OF THE NIGHT released in 2017, displays a stylistic progression with faster Thrash Metal influences, undeniable Punk vitality, Doom and Progressive elements and more complex arrangements, and saw the development of their new style POWER GROOVE SPEED METAL, a melding of Thrash Metal, Punk Spirit and destructive half-time Power Groove riffage.

Always staying active and driven to play faster, heavier, the band had a massive year in 2018 with the addition of new Drummer, Mexico Cities’ Mauricio ‘Renegade’ Galicia, bringing further energy, vitality and outright speed to the band, System Trashed played some of the biggest Metal festivals in Australia and continued their breakneck pace in playing live and writing and recording new material. The culmination of their shows in 2018 saw the release of a live album ‘DE REGRESO A LA CALLE’, 12 tracks and 49 minutes of blistering live METAL POWER !!!! The release of the album has seen an increase in System Trashed’s profile and widespread radio airplay throughout the world…

In a time of ever increasing down-tuned guitars, depressively self-absorbed bands and clichéd lyrical content, System Trashed is one of the few attempting to save the dying art of Rock & Roll with Full-Throttle blasting guitar tones, a relentless focus on delivering blistering live power and writing songs with lyrical depth and an element of positivity delivered through powerful vocals.

In 2019 System Trashed is preparing for more touring and the release of their third studio album, ‘OXYGEN THIEVES’ that is in the final stages of production and promises to be their fastest, heaviest and most electrifying album yet!!!


JAMIE : Guitar/Vox


CALVARIO! Death Metal From Colombia

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Calvario is a Death-Metal Band led by David Patarroyo and formed in 2003 in the city of Bogotá – Colombia. The name of the band is the reflection of humanity manipulated, blinded, tormented and consumed in their own ignorance, manifesting it through their lyrics with a solid and blunt sound.

Malevolent Invention ( 2015 full- length) multimedia
Desolation Cults (CD-r 2010)
Dimensión de Muerte (Demo 2005)

Blast family Brutal Death (2018)
DVD True Metal Subversion (2017)
Compiled Metal Jaguars (Attack) 2015
Gleaming the Metal X (Compiled 2011)
Metal Al Filo IX (Compiled 2010)
Extreme Edition 10 (Compiled 2010)
Hydra Zine (Compiled 2010)

Line up:
David Patarroyo: Vocals, and Guitars
Miguel Ramirez: bass
Juan David Rodriguez: Guitars
Mario Gonzales: Drums

[email protected]


Death Struggle! Bekasi Technical Brutal Death

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Sekumpulan pemuda yg bekerja di sebuah pabrik electronik (Toshiba) di Bekasi di tahun 1999.
Agus galonds(vocal/ frontman) mengajak Bembeng (drum) & Eko ( guitar) mendirikan band bernama DEATH STRUGGLE & berdiri 21 mei 1999 di Bekasi bergenre grindcore terinfluence Napalm Death, Tengkorak dan membawakan lagu sendiri berjudul Penguasa Gila, Dosa Politik Bisnis Ejakulasi (tengkorak cover), Suffer the Children(Napalm Death cover) & mengikuti event perdana di event kreasi musik perum 3 di tahun 2000. Setelah event musik kreasi, Agus (vocal) mengajak Edo (Billy Button) buat posisi bass jadi line up Death Struggle formasi 1
agus galonds(vocal)
edo( bass)

Mengikuti event dalam & luar kota seperti:
*monster off rock (tahun 2000) jakarta
*cikarang brisick( tahun 2001)
*cibarusah musick kemerdekaan (tahun 2001)
*tambun musick kemerdekaan party(tahun 2003)
*tegal total death (tahun 2001)tegal
*involument movement(tahun 2002)purwokerto
*surabaya underground 2( tahun 2002)
*semarang metal fest(tahun 2002) dll

Di akhir tahun 2002 Bengbeng & Eko mengundurkan diri dari Death Struggle karena kesibukan kerja.
Agus mencari line up baru bertemu lah Erik Reza Bango (eks Autis) & Roni (sekarang di Tengkorak)

Line up death struggle formasi ke 2
Agus galonds (vocal)
Edo (guitar)
Erik( guitar)

Materi & konsep Death Struggle berubah dr grindcore ke death metal ala Suffocation dan Sead of Flesh
memuntahkan 4 lagu:

*vomiting bloody corpse
*sadictic butchered
*brain decayed
*killer soul

dan ikut kompilasi metal canibalism part 1 dengan lagu Sadistic Butchered tahun 2004.

Dan sekarang line up death struggle formasi 3
Agus galonds (vocal)
Adit (guitar)
Rama(drum)/ kill suffer
bergenre teknical brutal death metal.

Promo single album death struggle berjudul
*consuming rotten meat*
*vomiting bloody corpse*
on proses in rilis 2019 by blasted prod


Extreme Hate! After 21 years moving in the underground scene

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We’re proud to announchment!

(Versi Indonesia dibawah)

After 21 years moving in the underground scene and involved in many compilation albums, split and last year they’re released full length album “Fugitive”.

This year Extreme Hate will release an EP album via Maxima Music Pro.

Grindcore legend from Tangerang city (Indonesia) still with old-school grindcore music style. Their music influenced by Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Carcass, Agathocles and Nasum.

Keep in touch!

Setelah 21 tahun bergerak di scene underground dan terlibat dalam banyak album kompilasi, split album dan tahun lalu merilis full album ” Fugitive”.

Tahun ini Extreme Hate akan merilis EP album via Maxima Music Pro.

Legenda grindcore asal kota Tangerang (Indonesia) masih dengan style musik old-school grindcore. Terinfluence oleh Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Carcass, Agathocles dan Nasum.

Keep in touch!


BRUTALITY AND DEVASTATING SKULLS is a 3 way split album containing 3 bands from different countries

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[English version below]

…and here we go!
BRUTALITY AND DEVASTATING SKULLS adalah 3 way split album yang berisi 3 band dari negara berbeda. Semua band memainkan genre brutal death metal, dan mereka adalah:

– Death Struggle (Indonesia)
– Calvario (Colombia)
– Sadistic Hallucinations (USA)

Dan akan kami rilis dalam tahun ini!

So, stay in touch!

…and here we go!
BRUTALITY AND DEVASTATING SKULLS is a 3 way split album containing 3 bands from different countries. All bands play brutal death metal genres, and they are:

– Death Struggle (Indonesia)
– Calvario (Colombia)
– Sadistic Hallucinations (USA)

And we will release this year!

So, stay in touch!

Maxima Music Pro
an Indonesian eXtreme MuSick Labels


EP from eXtreme Hate with the title “Where The Faith Left In The Darkness Greed”

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[English below]

EP dari eXtreme Hate dengan title “Where The Faith Left In The Darkness Greed” berisi 11 track termasuk 2 live version dan  3 lagu cover dari Mayhem, Metallica dan Slayer.

Konsep lagu di album ini tetap dengan style old-school grind core. Dan lirik seputar sosial politik dan kehidupan sehari-hari.

Rencana rilis album pada Oktober 2019 dengan labels Maxima Music Pro.

Stay in touch!

EP from eXtreme Hate with the title “Where The Faith Left In The Darkness Greed” contains 11 tracks including 2 live version and  3 cover songs from Mayhem, Metallica and Slayer.

The concept of the song on this album remains with the old-school grind core style. And lyrics about social politics and everyday life.

Plans to release an album in October 2019 labeled Maxima Music Pro.

Stay in touch!